Marie Farrington

Long-Drawn, Eight Gallery Dublin

11 – 17 October, 2014

Opening reception: Friday 10 October 2014, 6 – 8 pm

The Eight Gallery, Dublin presents Long-Drawn, an exhibition of new and recent work by Marie Farrington.

Long-Drawn will exemplify the artist’s fascination with the act of making and how materials can become imbued with meaning and value through time spent in contact with human processes.  The exhibition presents subtle departures within Marie’s approach to materiality, presenting works that are acutely aware of the art-historical trajectories that have birthed them.

Often reacting to the structures and limitations of their place in the world, the works presented in Long-Drawn highlight the behavior of materials at a minute and invisible level, allowing tiny happenings to unfold within each piece.  While reflecting on traditional subject matter and art-historical conventions, the exhibition negotiates ideas of endeavour and purposefulness through the processes of production chosen.  The work quietly remarks on materials’ invisible entropies and gives them agency through the work’s spectral, silent presence. The unifying consequence is that of time arrested momentarily in the process of material expending energy.  Each object has a changing life within the gallery space and acts as an essay in uncertainty, as a relic of its own future.