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Marie Farrington « In good faith they waited for gravity «

Marie Farrington

In good faith they waited for gravity

RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre

20th June – 18th July 2015

Essay by Eimear Walshe (PDF)

Presenting a series of changing sculptural works, this exhibition and its accompanying essay by Eimear Walshe explored the sculptural potential of language and how empirical forms of knowledge inflect ideas of history, memory and change.


Freeze, frame, 2015.  Paraffin wax, pollen from a Stargazer lily.  Dimensions variable


RelicInReverse6  RelicInReverse

Relic in reverse, 2015.  Plaster, muslin, Indian ink, thread, thimble.  100cm x 75cm x 5cm



Furrow, 2015.  Plaster, wooden dowels, steel, paraffin wax, pollen, drop of milk. 100cm x 5cm x 3cm



Heat, yield, 2015.  Microcrystaline wax, one drop of beeswax.  100cm x 3cm x 1cm


Pare1   PareDetail

Pare, 2015.  Carved plaster, wood screws.  100cm x 3cm x 2cm; 25cm x 3cm x 2cm


Scape1 Scape2

Scape, 2015.  Tissue paper, wooden dowel, thread, pollen from a Stargazer lily.  42cm x 35cm


farringtonmarie_image611   WarmConduct2 WarmConduct7

Warm conduct, 2015.  Aluminium, muslin, paraffin wax, thread, plaster.  Dimensions variable


Lineage Lineage2 LineageDetail

Lineage, 2015.  Plaster, muslin.  Dimensions variable